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Welcome to Sai Milan... please joins us for "feed the hungry" program if you have any query related to donation send sms sai milan to 57333

Human life has a supreme significance and splendour. Human birth is most precious of gifts of a truly divine power.

In the more recent times – about a 100 year ago, Selfless Love for others and Devotion & Surrender to God was explained and illustrated by a Fakir, whom the world knows by the name of Shirdi Sai Baba.  He was extremely good natured and had great knowledge & wisdom.  He loved and served all without discriminating between rich and poor. He had shown the path of "service to huminanity" and served all without discriminating between rich and poor.

Sai Milan, a non government and non religious society Registered under Section 80 G(5) (vi) DEL-SE-22001-21062010/712 DT.21-6-2010, following the path shown by Shirdi Sai Baba, believes in the philosophy that Devotion softens the heart, removes jealousy, hatred and frees the mind from all fears and anxieties. Also, taking inspiration from what Baba did throughout his life for the benefit of the needy and in the service of the poor, hungry and ailing, Sai Milan is a collective effort in not just feeling or understanding the pain of poverty, hunger and disease but to cultivate charity through giving to the homeless, the hungry and the sick, as well as invoking the same in the society at large.

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